Massage Services


We create the experience, you benefit from the results. All over the world, people are discovering the benefits of spa and body treatments. With essential oils and gels, mud, masks and massage, our spa brings the exotic essence of nature to the spa.

Signature Swedish Massag

This traditional and relaxing massage addresses your individual needs using Swedish methods to ease muscle tension, relieve stress, and promote a general state of well-being and health.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Our Deep Tissue massage uses intense manipulations to relieve and detoxify deep muscular and joint distress and improve range of motion. This massage also serves as preventative therapy to help reduce future occurrences of muscle, joint, and tendon injuries.

Companion Massage

Enjoy the experience of a relaxing massage with a friend or a loved one. Choose any therapy to customize your massage. Head, Neck and Shoulder

Aromatherapy Massage

This relaxing, full body massage incorporates a customized blend of pure essential oils to relieve stress from outside influences to stimulate your mind, body and spirit. Select any one or a combination of our high quality essential oils to suit your mood. This offers relief from emotional tension while detoxifying and balancing the mind and body.

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system plays a major role in your body’s ability to fight infection, disease, and heal injury. When the lymphatic system is properly drained of its toxins regularly, the immune system boosts and improves long term health benefits.

Muscle & Joint Pain Massage

Your session begins with therapy in our infrared sauna, to relax and detoxify your muscles and joints, followed by a quick shower to wash away all of the impurities. You will then enjoy our signature massage personalized to your needs.

*You may request a male or female therapist; however we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular therapist.